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Supporting LEaders creating an environment for Kingdom LIFE

Therapy Session

We are starting to set up growth and would love to meet you to share and mould the vision He has given us to support and encourage leaders to see more of the Kingdom Culture flow through their lives and churches

Having run LSSM and Bethel courses for over 10 years, working with many leaders across Europe, we have noticed that many leaders don't get the space to learn and develop in the Supernatural Kingdom Culture as they are busy running their churches/ministries.  We aim to bring you the experience and teaching from a UK perspective of how we see our people thrive in knowing who they are, intimacy with the Father, and every member to hear His voice and make an impact in the world around them through Love & Power.

We would love to meet you, hear your story, and see how we can support and encourage you in your calling.  We have developed the following for those who are part of growth and want to create tools that you need for your specific community.

For you - 

  • Weekly video/audio training material to inspire, inform and encourage you about 1 to 2 hours a week with time for you to ponder and activate the truths you have learned

  • This is then discussed in a Weekly 30-minute Zoom session for you to be encouraged to ask questions and be kept accountable for the activations for the week.

  • This material is taken directly from Bethel's Year 1 & 2 training curriculum

  • Access to personal, confidential prayer ministry from LSSM team

For your people -

  • Access to an online 5-week discipleship course for new Christians - inc. training mentors to meet up and go through what the disciple has been learning each week.

  • Access to running a 6-week Introduction to the supernatural lifestyle of intimacy, identity, joy, risk-taking, hearing God's voice clearly every day, and healing

  • Access to specific training courses on How to Lead a church into Kingdom Culture - from personal growth to empowering others, choosing a team, setting a culture

  • Prophetic training for basic hearing of God's voice to helping the Prophets in your church has the vision to be a helpful, powerful part and healed part of the support you as the leader

More content from Bethel's year 1 & year 2 curriculum will be made available to you for your own study, activation, and growth for you, your family, your team, and your church/ministry.

Please fill in the form below and we will be in contact to meet in person or via Zoom.





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We want to make your time with us work for you.  Please contact us to talk through any of the financial issues that come up for you or your church/ministry.   Any questions please use the chat or call 02071128845.

Depending on what you feel called to do please choose the course the tab for more information 

Once the course has started you are responsible for completing the agreed financial plan.



Andrew has a history with God that is centered on a growing revelation of the Father's affection towards us and postures his life to be in the light of that reality. Compelled to see people connected to their Father, he finds himself leading ordinary people in the day-to-day rhythms of life to experience the love of their Maker. Living a life of the supernatural as a natural part of daily life, led Andrew to found the London School of Supernatural Ministry.  Using the full curriculum of Bethel's BSSM, this pioneering London-based ministry has been training people to hear clearly from God, take risks, and demonstrate the miraculous, bringing heaven to earth to transform culture.  

From politicians, business leaders, and creatives, to mosques, hospitals and new age shops - over the last eight years, they have amassed countless testimonies of seeing the kingdom of Heaven breakthrough to heal, save and touch people from every part of society. Beyond LSSM Andrew has also trained many pastors individually and across denominations, both here and abroad, in how to create and grow a Kingdom culture.  Andrew's passion is to see every Christian fully flowing in love, and power to see the kingdom of Heaven come in every situation you find yourself in.

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