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Mosaic is an eclectic and elaborate collection of colorful, creative mini-communities for people to gather to share a variety of interests with each other in safe spaces and sacred places.

We seek to nurture relationships where every shape and unique expression is valued.
Please keep checking back as this continues to take shape. These groups are open to anyone and everyone as with all our events/courses.
There is no need to sign up, simply check the dates and times below and click on the zoom link. Share with others 

For more information and or if you have an idea for a mini MOSAIC family

to be announced




Passcode:: STILL

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Finding Intimacy in Stillness led by Jane.
We invite you to come to join us on a monthly basis as we create time to sit in the presence of God.
Silence is a skill we can cultivate and learn together, to set aside time for Him.
The practice of silence has been a way for Christians to connect with God since the days of the early church.
God wants to be present with us.
We will be learning to cultivate the skill of sitting in Silence Together, with a variety of different exercises to help. We will also have times or share testimonials, read the word and worship, and have soaking sessions, too.
No need to sign up, just come and invite someone else along.



I'm a single mum of 3 including 2 grown-up teenage boys. I have just stepped into a new job as a support worker after 38 years of hairdressing.
I am part of my local church and leader of school Sunday. I'm also a part
of the team at Invictus  Wales Prophetic Alliance.
My heart is to encourage people to draw nearer to God and to help see people grow in intimacy with the

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