Colorful Mosaic Tiles

mosaic mini communities

A different way of shaping community together piece by piece

Image by Natalia Serebryakova

Mosaic is an eclectic collection of mini communities where people to gather to share a variety of interests with each other. Please keep checking back as this continues to take shape. These groups are open to anyone and everyone as all all our events/courses. 

our last mosaic gathering combined christmas online disco social will be Monday December 20th from 7pm, please click here to sign up/zoom ID 87925944383

December 20th - 7pm
Truffle Bake Off 


We will be combining this session with our open zoom room Christmas Social. Please bring the ingredients you will need to join in. Here is the link to the recipe.

Mosaic Mini Communities 2022

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Gill is a novelist who has self published four books as both e books and paperbacks. The most recent as a paperback. Her aim in writing is to give a voice to the voiceless and to change the way the reader sees the world. As a Christian she recognises that her work will always reflect her worldview and allows it to flow through her writing.