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attendees can sign up for the whole course (Lssm discount) or individual sessions (no discount)

these sessions could change subject to holy spirit leading.

Thursday June 30th session one:

Confidence in identity, seeking first the kingdom, cultivating intimacy and the healed heart

THURSDAy july 7th session two:

Intercession and declarations, Strategies of heaven, Speaking over cities and nations

thursday july 14th
session three:

Words of knowledge,  prophecy and the vocabulary of heaven
Seeing in the Spirit

thursday july 21st session four:

Discernment & spiritual warfare

thursday july 28th session five:

Angels, demons heavenly realms

Stream C



Simon Baddeley

Simon is a prophet who loves to train and equip the body to hear the voice of God. He has worked with prophetic councils in the nation and across Europe and has been gathering prophetic voices from the South West for 20 years.

He runs the school of the prophets, a monthly training and equipping evening and has been hosting for the last 8 years Clear Vision, a yearly prophetic conference to envision and equip the body of Christ. Simon has a heart for mission and has travelled to many nations training and equipping people prophetically. He is married to Philippa and has three boys.

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