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Creativity cannot be held in captivity

The person who follows me in faith believing in me will do the same mighty miracles that I do -

EVEN greater miracles than these because I go to be with my Father!

What if on the one hand, yes we get to do what Jesus did in relation to heal the sick, raise the dead, reach the lost, cast out demons + yet Jesus is saying in the same sentence, go beyond what he did as things have moved on from where he was and where we are in the times.

We can be creative in our thinking in our doing, Jesus is inspiring us to do it differently, to be innovative, to be imaginative.

Creative ideas to seeing the supernatural flow in and through our lives as the kingdom is within us.

I hear so many people say I want to see miracles, well how about being part of making miracles happen?

How can the creative talent in you transform communities cities and nations beyond what you can dare to imagine or have anticipated of the creative flow through you.

Things are gonna get crazy lol 😂

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