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Jubilee is already in us for this to come through us. We are not waiting for the year of favour as this was fulfilled 2000 years ago.

Isaiah 61 is the revelation of Christ’s identity and everything the cross speaks to us about the nature of who for every believer (minister of Christ)

Luke 4:18-21 TPT

‘For the time of God’s great favour has begun! These scriptures came true today in front of you’

In what parts of our lives personally + corporately as his bride (global church) are we needing to encounter the hope, the freedom, and to decree new eyes for us to see who we are and become the Jubilee for others to know salvation (healing) in Christ is already here.

Kingdom prayers speak into the identity of a nation.

Ask me and I will give to you … dare to be audacious! That’s not arrogance it’s confidence in you knowing who you are

Jubilee - words of life

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