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Love is… humility

Love is… humility to go to the people whoever wherever whatever to love them out of their prisons, out of their pain..

May we the more overflow from the places in our heart without blockage to love like the love for those around us including the member's many parts one body.

We can only become better at being loved in the capacity in us being freer to receive the revelation of the Father’s love,

Love transforms our lives to bring healing and upgrades for us to increase in the ability for us to give love.

Stretching out the tent pegs for love to fill us more with truth and where perfect love dismantles fear.

Pain transformed into purpose

Isaiah 35:1-2 TPT

May the heart of all parts of your bride Jesus, become the altar for the love of your Father to pour out each day from the incessant flow of his spirit.

The fragrance of love is offensive yet never offended.

Come let us make them in our image to become love.

Love does not say I love BUT - He says BUT I love now go to likewise….

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