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now you see me now you don't

In these days- be ready for the God of the surprises will bring about the suddenly just like that.

When this happens for you, don’t think just take a leap and jump through the window opens before you- trust provision + protection along the way.

Don’t play safe in these days, crazy as it may seem, opt to follow Jesus, it will be wild yet the best adventure to embark on in these days!

I think this is for some of you to hear..

Many years ago I heard there coming a time parts of the body relocating to remote places in a time of restricted travel.

I saw angelic activity being released and people obtain the documentation they required to grant exits and entries, it is an extended time of grace.

What was funny about this vision is even though in the physical realm these officials were stamping what they could see to approve documents etc, in the spirit, they were blank pieces of paper... now that’s magic when it comes to the majestic of who trinity is!

I heard ‘Now you see me now you don’t!’ where there would be mobilisation as part of the preparation and repositioning of parts for the next move where people would find themselves here one day then somewhere else the next….

Windows represent a given ‘time frame’

Thanks for letting me share,

Way Maker

Miracle Worker

Promise Keeper

Light of the darkness

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