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day school

Week A


9.30am  Welcome

10am      Worship

11am       Talk 1

1pm        Lunch

2pm       Talk 2Outreach

4pm       Small groups

5pm       Finish

Week B


9.30am  Welcome

10am      Worship

11am       Talk 1

1pm        Lunch

2pm       Outreach

4pm       The Hive

5pm       Finish

weekly timetable

week a has two talks

week b has one talk & outreach


The talks are incredible, they  are full of juicy information that get to your heart, mind, body and soul

We are running this school using the material as the first-year full-time course but over two years on a part-time basis. This includes homework, revival groups (small groups that help you activate the learning), Bible study, 12-course books and a weekend retreat. As members of the school, there is also the opportunity to join in with mission trips and conferences. This course covers the same content and ethos as the first-year full-time course, therefore much of the information can be found on the Full-Time course page.

This is run like the evening school abut with more time for outreach and additional The Hive talks.  There are 40 places.


taster event



The cost of the tuition for 2012/21 intake of Half the curriculum of Year 1 school is £1450 for nine months.

1 –  Full fees

       paid upfront by 31/08/20 save 10% - £1305

2–   Termly payments
       Non-refundable deposit by 20/09/20 £400
       3 x termly payments (start of each term) £350

3 -  Monthly payments

      Non-refundable deposit by 20/09/20 £300

      10 x monthly payments of £125 

4 - All monthly payments

      12 x monthly payments of £125 

Group Discounts
If groups of two apply they both receive 15% off the fees

Group of 3 = 20% off each

Group of 4 = 25% off each

Group of 5 = 30% off each

The cost includes
All coursebooks (6 in all over the year)
7 x Manuals (100 pages+) notes for every teaching session
1 x weekend retreat November 2020


I have been doing evening school for 3 yrs - its the best investment I have made


This is about making a difference in a world that needs people to make a difference 

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