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Let us run the race with buddies as part of body ministry

Some years ago I had a vision of twos, threes, coming together in prayer doublets / triplets. We are in a time of preparation,  training - as the bride is ‘getting ready' for what is coming

We've come up with the idea for our LSSM community where this can be put into practice for people across the platform to gather in twos, threes .

If you would be interested in doubling or tripling with one or two  buddies and to encourage each other, please complete the form below.- thank you

We will prayerfully match you up with other students and email you to let you know who your 'Body Buddies' are.  We then leave it for you to connect with each other and arrange when and how you meet, etc   Andrew & Rhea are here in the wings if you need any help.

If you would like to be part of these Body Buddies Please fill-out the form below
Would you like to be in a mixed doublet / triplet?
Are you happy for us to share your contact information with your Body Buddies?
Which group are you part of?

Thanks for submitting!

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