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Intercession for People & Places



July - August 2021

During the next few months July - September we shall be interceding specifically for the forging of the fire through the U.K. Europe…

We will be inspired with the words from ‘the original vision’ (1967) shared by Jean Darnell (in small morsels) taking our time to reflect and steward them.

If you would like to have a look at what we will be referencing to

MOnday morning
7.30 am - 8.30am

This is where the community can explore expressions of practice that encourages us to listen more and to take a slower pace as we are seeking to intercede for our land. Demonstrating the principle that as the landscape inside of us is blessed, we can then bless the landscape around us to see rhythm and harmony restored to the land. 

Click on the zoom link to enter-

everyone welcome 

"Adam and Eve's role was to take Eden and bless the land to become heaven on earth"


The rhythm of our mornings

  • welcome 

  • opening prayer

  • theme/thought 

  • personal reflection 

  • corporate sharing

  • closing prayer

This group is not for

  • personal prayer ministry/healing

  • personal prophetic ministry

  • waging spiritual warfare

  • prophecing over the UK

  • heavenly encounters


Can we direct you to our Healing RoomsEagles Nest for these things.

These are from the previous mornings of what we have explored as a community from when we started in May - April

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