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In-person training and experience all types of outreach in Brockley & on the streets in Central London

On Wednesdays in term timefor 9 months  Starts 2nd February 2023


Kingdom power & love was never meant just to be in the church but taken to the world.  You are the carrier of His Glory to do that.  Many people don't know where to start ministering to people on the streets or they need hands-on training and encouragement to go further.

OUTREACHschool is run by Andrew Chapman with over 10 years of experience training people to see Healings and miracles happen all the time. He loves to take people at all stages and help them take risks.

Wednesdays 11am to 2pm either in Brockley ministering along side St. Peters outreach ministries or in central London on the streets. Each week

  • 1 hours training

  • 2 hours of practical - 'doing the stuff'

Each week there will be a varied range of outreaches as we see you gain confidence and anointing..


FINANCES for dayschool

You can also pay upfront for 10 sessions or individual sessions, termly Any questions please use the chat or call 02071128845.

10 sessions

You can take them anytime from Feb to July 2023

INdividual sessions

FREE as part of DaySCHOOL

Outreach Schhol is part of the Day School programme

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