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Trip up north - so many exciting things happening to advance His Kingdom

Wow what a week Bradford, Sheffield, Mattock, Glasgow and Berwick-upon-Tweed! Attended the European Leader Alliance (ELA) in its new venue in Bradford. So great to hear Bill Johnson and Graham Cookie Speak. Also such an honour to meet and encourage so many leaders from across Europe. I had so many times waiting in a queue to offer some words for people who, pretty much every time, responded with a "That what I need to hear" & can I buy you a coffee / lunch etc. In the end (Not that I use this!) i didn't have to buy myself anything! So many wonderful leaders of churches and ministries connected with. Thank you Jesus! On the last day I 'bumped' into Emma Stark from Glasgow Prophetic Centre. I was asking her if she had anything on the weekend as I was on holiday in Scotland - well that resulted in my being the main speaker at their church in central Glasgow! more on that below!


European Leaders Alliance

Bill on how owe God answers to prayer. Graham gave a huge prophetic word over the nation. More on that in another post!

Bill was saying that the absence of answers to pray was never about Him. Faith brings answers, enduring faith brings answers with character. It's the perfect dance between natural and supernatural! His talk had inspired me to write a series on -

"Getting out of 'Stuck places' on our journey with Jesus" See more about this soon. What is your experience and thought of the Kingdom way we get out of stuck a patterns and thinking preventing us from moving forward in life? Please comment....



The Wall - over the last few years at ELA I have got to know Richard Gamble and his amazing vision for a huge visible structure (like the Angel of the North) to demonstrate a million testimonies of answered prayer! The video they showed on how this miracle has come about is amazing! I'll add the link when its available. FInd out more about this important project for the Kingdom here in the UK.


Glasgow Prophetic Centre

What a great time with Emma and David Stark at GPC. The people so on fire in worship and the presence of God so powerful. I had the honour to share some stories and encourage people even got live streamed around the world!

The main joy was spending time with Emma and their family building link seeing what Jesus is doing on the planet and eating together. Find out more about this world changing ministry.

Please pass on this to those who you think would be blessed

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