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Six week course on Zoom by Charity Kayembe

Introducing Myrtle Lawrence - Musician

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The cost of the course is £60.  25% off for LSSM students and Eagles Nest Members +.

Click on the purple button above to book.

Each Week we shall have activations and Q&A. 


Here is the course structure

PART 1: Hearing God Through Your Dreams

Understanding the Language God Speaks at Night

Session 1

  • Bridges to the Supernatural: How Dreams Connect Us to God

  • Scriptural Precedents: Exploring Dreams and Visions in the Bible

  • The ABCs of Dream Work: How to Translate the Language God Speaks at Night

  • Can’t Remember Your Dreams? Tips for Improving Dream Recall

Session 2

  • Why Can’t Dreams Be More Literal? How Pictures Are the Most Powerful Language

  • Inspiration, Innovation, and Invention: Receiving God’s Creativity Through Dreams

  • Dream Symbols: Personalized, Unique, and All Your Own

  • Dreams as a Form of Meditation: How to Move Scripture from Our Heads to Our Hearts

  • Interpretation Activation: Practice interpreting dreams from the past week together as a group

Session 3

  • The Fun Form of Dreams: Puns, Parables & Plays on Words

  • Why All Bad Dreams Aren’t: The Blessing of Nightmares and Other Surprising Revelations

  • Dreams Children Dream: Decoding the Prophetic Nature of Children’s Dreams

  • Practical Tips for Dream Work: How to Prioritize Dreams & Get Un-Stuck in Interpreting Them

  • Interpretation Activation: Practice interpreting dreams from the past week together as a group


Part 2: Everyday Angels

How to Encounter, Experience & Engage Angels in Everyday Life

Session 4

  • Angels 101: A Biblical Introduction

  • 15 Ways Scripture Reveals Angels Minister to Us

  • Personal Angels: Our Match Made in Heaven


Session 5

  • Angelic Interaction: Dangerous or Divine?

  • The Sacred Supernatural: Rules for Engagement

  • Opening the Eyes of Your Heart: How to See in the Spirit

  • Angelic Activation: Guided visionary encounter with Jesus and His angels


Session 6

  • Living with Angels: Real Time Conversations & Reality Checks

  • Timeless: Living in the Eternal Now of God

  • Angels & the Great Co-Mission

  • Angelic Activation: Guided visionary encounter with Jesus and His angels



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Charity Kayembe

Charity Virkler Kayembe is passionate about the sacred supernatural and making the mystical practical in believers’ everyday lives. She has been featured on CBN, Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!, Charisma Magazine and The Elijah List. Charity has a Doctorate in Biblical Studies and writes about the unfolding adventure that is walking by the Spirit on her blog at She is the coauthor of five books including Hearing God Through Your Dreams, Everyday Angels, and Overflow of the Spirit. 
Charity’s favorite thing is to go where she’s never been. Her beloved husband of 18 years, Leo, is the best travel partner and together they’ve adventured to over 70 nations on six continents. When not off exploring new cultures in distant lands, they enjoy living happily ever after at home in beautiful upstate New York.

Introducing Myrtle Lawrence, who is involved in worship on the streets of Bristol, in other places in the UK, (as well as online of course!) With a focus on bringing the Presence of Jesus and His healing. Her passion is for local community, city wide, UK and nations. A ‘flow out’ of worshipping in His presence, from one to the next, to the next.


She is also a dreamer and interpreter of dreams, and have been doing this for many years, so she is looking forward to being with us all and learning more.
She has been involved in many things over the years, including mission as a worshipper in different countries, a musician in prisons, and planting churches in the UK.

Her family life is full with 7 grandkids! 



Mytle Lawrence

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