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Teaching Series Sessions run by Simon Baddeley

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Coming soon

Hearing God, Stream C will be announced soon keep looking out for the dates.

Please keep checking back here for dates in the Autumn when we will run Hearing God Stream A and Stream B for those who would like to sign up.



Simon Baddeley

Simon is a prophet who loves to train and equip the body to hear the voice of God. He has worked with prophetic councils in the nation and across Europe and has been gathering prophetic voices from the South West for 20 years.

He runs the school of the prophets, a monthly training and equipping evening and has been hosting for the last 8 years Clear Vision, a yearly prophetic conference to envision and equip the body of Christ. Simon has a heart for mission and has travelled to many nations training and equipping people prophetically. He is married to Philippa and has three boys.

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