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this dreaming season

A very 'roll up your sleeves hands on' practical course over three weeks for the how to now awakening in us of our dreams


Image by Ameer Basheer
dreaming season.png
Image by Johannes Plenio


Session 1

Sharing, release and practical groupwork

Ideas and clues to interpreting your dreams

What type of dream is this, healing dreams, nightmares,

How to spot  emotions and fact in dreams, colours, and other details to notice.

Session 2  

Sharing, release and practical groupwork

Dreaming Seasons

Prophetic Times

How to harness our dreams, for strategic living

How to share dreams with others in easy, safe language   How to use dreams in outreach.

Session 3 

Dreams workshop putting the past 2 sessions into practice, with role play and exercises.



I am a prophetic musician and pastor, involved with the healing rooms, national heart of worship and helping to lead churches.

I have led courses on dream interpretation to different groups and have a passion to equip and see others released into the ‘more’ that God sees.

I am married with 3 boys, and a growing family of grandchildren. 

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