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New Friday night only & Saturday only tickets avaiable

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SATURDAY MORNING - Brave Communication

Interactively teaching you skills to be a communication "NINJA" to see the difficult conversations become everyone remains powerful and to be more connected.

WORKSHOP - Friendships

What type of friendships do you have and how to have better friendships.



Andrew Chapman is the founder and CEO of the London School of Supernatural Ministry. For over eight years this pioneering ministry has been training believers using Bethel's full curriculum 3-year programme.  This ministry helps students to take risks, to hear clearly from God, to demonstrate the miraculous, and bring heaven to earth to change society. We have seen the Kingdom of Heaven breakthrough and heal, save and touch people from every part of society,  to include politicians, business leaders, mosques, hospitals, and new age shops. There are so many testimonies.
Andrew's passion is to see every Christian fully flowing in Love and Power in order to see the Kingdom of Heaven come into every situation we all find ourselves in. Along with individuals, Andrew has also trained in 'How to grow a Kingdom Culture' with 100's of pastors, on a one to one and denominational level both in the UK and internationally.

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