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On-demand learning with a monthly group mentoring session

Each Module

  • 8 talks from Bethel year 1 Curriculum

  • Questions for you to answer

  • Activations at home to embed truth

  • 45 mins group mentoring every 4 talks

  • Online video classes to review

  • Hardcopy & pdf of manuals can be bought

  • 25% off all other LSSM events

  • Access to retreat & missions (Extra cost)



Choose when you study as on-demand

Once a month group mentoring session

Study at your own pace

Each Session

  • Video introduction from LSSM staff

  • Questions to fill out online

  • Activations at home to embed truth

  • Study at you own pace

Truly I tell you, if you have faith as s


You can pay on a module basis.  Any questions please use the chat or call 02071128845.


Once you have paid a module payment you are able to stop, pause at any time and finish off the module(s) you have paid for.


Bethel's DVD Curriculum is run in over 400 schools across the world.  The most amazing teaching and activation to set you on a life long path of bringing heaven to earth. If you have read any of Bethel's books, listen to Bill Johnson talks or been to a conference and now want to start learning how to live this Kingdom life with others like you, come and join us at the London School of Supernatural Ministry. 

For ten years we have been running the entire Year 1 & Year 2 curriculums.  We have seen hundreds of people, like you -

  • Find their identity

  • Learn how to hear God's voice,

  • Live a lifestyle of celebrating risk

  • Learn how to change the world around them through simple demonstrations of love & power

LSSManytime means you can study at your own pace when you'd like.  You will log into our own LMS website which will take you through the training.  Once a month we will have an hour group mentoring session, which will be recorded, so see encourage you and see how you are growing. You can also still be a part of the wider LSSM community

There are 112 talks in Year 1 split into 14 Modules of 8 talks.  Here are some of the subjects covered over Year One

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  hear from our present students doing LSSMonline  

Year 1


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