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Evening with James & Denise Jordan

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You can now combine this event with Encountering Father's Love Week 

12th to 16th April

10am to 3pm

Save £10 on the joint ticket for both events

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James and Denise operate a prophetic ministry speaking a Word that has been, and is being given to them.  Their desire is that we would all walk as Jesus walked, in the love of the Father as beloved sons and daughters.

Over the years James and Denise have often said that they feel like they live in a river of revelation. This is shown dramatically in the simplicity and obvious biblical understanding that flows from their lives.



My name is Pip louis I’m a worship leader, singer/songwriter, electric guitarist and producer from Leicestershire living in Watford. I’m currently working on my first EP ‘Wildfire’ that will be released this year!


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started painting over 20 years ago, inspired by an adult education evening class. From an early stage I knew that God had given me this gift and opportunity, and that he had a purpose in it.

For about 5 years, I painted often in church during worship sessions, creating pictures that I felt God had given to me, often just before the service started. It was a joy to hear people say how God had spoken through the pictures I painted.

Inspired by a move to Mid Wales, I began to paint landscapes, as well as pictures based directly on scripture, marvelling at God’s breath-taking work in creation. I also became director of Veritasse, a Christian fine art company in 2011.

Throughout my life, I’ve followed different strands of interest and calling, and God somehow manages to weave it together into distinct but complementary parts.


To see more of my work visit   To see my scripture based work, as well as that of other very talented Christian artists, visit

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