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A week's conference helping people into greater intimacy with God. Scroll down for more info



David & Faith Dalley will be speaking at BHIVE COME ALIVE from 7 pm to 9 pm on Wednesday 31st March.  They will be chatting about Father's Love and how that led them to create Father Heart school. They will be sharing their own story and about how to grow from information to revelation.

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Father and Daughter

God is much kinder and more loving than most of us would dare to believe 

‘Encountering the Father’s Love’ are schools that help people encounter God in an intimate

and personal way.'

You can now combine this event with Sexuality, Identity, Authenticity 

7pm to 10pm

Saturday 10th April

Save £10 on the joint ticket for both events

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We will be partnering with Encounter the Father's Love Team to run this school online. An opportunity to experience more of the love of the Father from the comfort of your own home!

The school will include:

Teaching, worship, Q&A sessions and prayer ministry.
It will take place April 12-16
All are welcome


Cost £55 - 25% off for LSSM Students & Eagles Nest Members

Mornings will include Worship and Teaching starting at 10:00 am

Afternoons will be more interactive with a session for questions, comments, and prayer ministry in break out rooms starting at 1.30 pm until around 3.00 pm.

Mother and Baby on Floor


  • What is Father God like?

  • Head knowledge vs heart knowledge.

  • Hearing God’s voice

  • Forgiveness & Judgments

  • How the Father loved Jesus

  • How our earthly father affected us

  • God’s nurturing mother love

  • Orphans no more

  • Learning to live as sons and daughters

The sessions and ministry times tend to build on each other, so we encourage people to come for the whole week rather than dipping in and out.

This is a great opportunity to open our hearts and allow God to deal with anything that may have prevented us receiving all the love He has for us; it’s also a time to be reminded of the amazing depth of his love, acceptance and approval of us, his children.

Encountering the Father's Love Team



 David & Faith Dalley  are itinerant speakers who travel internationally sharing the message of the Father heart of God. They have ministered in over 20 nations including India, Africa, Russia, Netherlands, Brazil and the Ukraine.


 Tim and Judith Clarke  From backgrounds in IT and teaching, they had their hearts awakened by a revelation of how much God loves us. They have spent the last 10 years leading worship and teaching on Father heart schools and in personal ministry in the UK and across Europe. They are passionate to see people's lives transformed as they encounter the healing love of God.

They live in Bath, England, and have 3 children and two grandchildren. 

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 Paul Skelton  has 2 main passions, firstly to see the Kingdom of God released around him and secondly to train and equip others to do the same, both locally and internationally.  He carries the Father Heart of God in his approach, as well as demonstrating both the gift of Healing and Prophecy.  Paul has led numerous mission trips, founded and run charities as well as businesses including “Healing on the streets” in Bath and has seen God's power impact and transform many who have encountered Jesus as a reality rather than just a theology.

He desires to father others as they walk as sons and daughters of God being released into their freedom, believing that revival starts with the individual.

“I just set myself on fire and others came to watch me burn” John Wesley.

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