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unveiling 2022

three sessions of teaching, activation, Q & A to experiencing god as he truly is and knowing the beauty and power of who you are

Image by Michael Dziedzic
Image by Michael Dziedzic



Session 1 - Unveiling God: Wednesday January 12th 2022


• Knowing God as He truly Is 

• Exploring God as Love 

• Lies we believe about God

• Our union with God 

• God – Servant vs. Taskmaster 

• Life-Giving vs. Crippling Fear of the Lord 


Session 2 - Unveiling You: Wednesday January 19th 2022


• Your flavour of the expression of Love

• Marked by Love

• God chose you before you could choose Him

• You as a poem to the world

• Lies we believe about ourselves

• False identities

• Our completeness/holiness/wholeness in Christ

• The beauty and power of who you are


Session 3 – From Orphans to Beloved Sons/Daughters: Wednesday January 26th 2022


• What is the orphan heart?

• What does it look like practically?

• What does sons/daughters look like?

• Healing the orphan heart 

• Freedom as sons/daughters



Catherine is an anointed author, speaker, coach, podcaster, and retired physician. An ordained apostle and prophet, she has ministered for decades and sees breakthroughs everywhere she goes. 

In 2016, she dedicated herself full time to restoring wholeness, revealing identity, and releasing destiny through the unveiling of God’s imprint of love, which is uniquely expressed in every person. 

Catherine’s refreshing, unconventional way of introducing people to God’s love has transformed the lives of thousands around the globe. 

Her newest podcast, Perspectives with Catherine Toon, is a popular breath of fresh air and can be found on your favourite podcast platform. 

She resides in Colorado with her beloved husband and three powerhouse children.

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