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Come up high…

‘Ascend into this realm - come to be’ Revelation 4:1

There is an invitation for the body of believers to come up higher for the spirit to reveal the deep things of the mind and heart of Christ.

It is to see through the lens of heaven and to help us decree his blessings upon our nations as he is helping us to not look at the circumstances with what is happening on ground level.

I had a vision a year ago - I saw a play room full of children sprawled across the floor and Jesus was with them sat amongst them.

I could sense the vibrant buzz as I looked to see what was happening. They couldn’t see me.

Jesus was laughing and the room was filled with expectancy, with so much joy as the children were creating.

Each of them were busy with their drawings + I asked trinity what they were doing.

I was shown each one was inventing, imagining, innovating for creative ideas and solutions to help their world in a time of trouble.

I saw as children finished their drawings, they would run up to Jesus to show him what they had done and he would smile at them with such glee his face and their faces beamed with so much indescribable delight I can hardly find the words to explain what I glimpsed.

Then my attention was taken to the walls of this room where I saw so many drawings. I felt the spirit show me this is the wall of downloads where each and every drawing would be sent to earth.

He is restoring childlike faith as we learn to trust him deeper. ‘Come to be’

I will show you great and marvellous things..

All is not what it seems as you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Will you be as like a little child,

I am taking you back to the beginning kingdom by design and where the pages have not been written, we get to write the books together. Think BIG!!!

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