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Jesus says Do it differently not as I did…

I believe creativity cannot be replicated .

When we track with Holy Spirit and what was modelled by Jesus, how he healed and set people free what remained of his authenticity, intentionality was the same yet this doesn’t mean he did things the same way.

Do it again doesn’t mean it will be as we knew it before,

the shift has already happened, the move of the spirit requires us to move to grow into spacious places where we are being stretched.

Comfort can be where we are confined to a certain way of thinking, a certain way of doing

Creativity is God breathed to bring life + to bring connectivity as we inspire one another to have courage to let go of the certainties to building mini communities

For where the Spirit of the Lord, there is creativity (liberty)

there is the innovative flow of joy and wild imaginations by kingdom design, humanity made in His image to create together, come let us..

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