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Step by Step

My reflection -

Every believer starts with a seed of faith - trust takes time to build where there is no end point -

It’s embarking on an adventure of exploration and involves process all the way with the one we are learning to trust deeper in the Father’s love for us

He isn’t expecting us to have it all else there would be no more to grow in from where we outgrow.

Every encounter with faith is an opportunity to experience the kindness of the Father in a trusting relationship. We can be real and raw about stuff without the need to over spiritualise.

To trust can be risky, it can be scary yet it can be well exhilarating all mixed at the same time.

That’s normal for any believer!!

We don’t need to have mustered up all the faith by ourselves, it’s simply returning to the childlike trust, letting the seed take effect as we being rooted and established in love the more.

Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more than

your greatest request

your most unbelievable dream and exceed

your wildest imagination

He will outdo them all for his miraculous power constantly energises you.

Its okay to say “I believe, Help my unbelief”

this is not on you, it’s on Him … let him grow your faith muscles as he takes the weight and lightens your load.

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