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Consuming fire fan into flames

Some years ago I was shown a scroll as I was taken up in a vision

The scroll looked blank to begin with and I asked Trinity what did this mean.

I saw an unknown language begin to appear on the scroll and a sense this will be about things to come yet I saw the language was ancient.

Looking back I understand the things yet to come is nothing new under the the sonship of Christ Jesus who is the Head.

In first lockdown -

one night I woke with the word FUEGO on my lips and I kept repeating this not knowing what it meant yet feeling very stirred in my spirit.

I looked up the word and it means FIRE (to set ablaze)

In the same week I felt inspired to draw this as the scroll I had seen in my vision many years prior came back to mind.

As I created, the spirit spoke of Europe and nations I would be part of in my life time and where the fire would fall with the passion as LOVE consume us deep into our core for global to glow-ball.

He is fanning into flames like we ain’t seen nothing yet - it will not be revival of the past..

History is being re written - the church cannot stay as she is -

The company of lovers are rising up and being sent out

the burning ones love laid down forging the way ahead for Christ legacies in this land of the living.

That same week, I was on a zoom call with someone from somewhere in the world, they didn’t know about the painting and prophesied about the fire……


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