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Great move of spirit

I believe we are going to encounter a great move of holy spirit that is going to blast what is considered to ‘offend’ amongst the church. I say this in love as love was is and shall be the greatest offence as the nature of I AM is Love.

For those who dare to venture into the unknown, into the unconventional, it will be uncomfortable, it will be unchurched…

Yet He will provide what you need, keep your eyes on where he is taking you even if there might be some who get offended along the way. He’s got them and he’s got other words as trinity showed me long time ago,

mind your own business and get on with your fathers business. (I like trinity is very polite lol 😂) he knows each of our hearts and he’s so for us and with us..stay true to your heart as you trust he’s got the best ahead for each of us

Identity, Security, Maturity in love is going to be a character mark for us and those around- prepared to not be liked or understood, be quick to forgive + to bless the dearest and nearest as each is dear and near to him, leave them to him as you follow Him, your first port of call....

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