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No fear you are free

I was given this image quite recently and took some time to reflect on it with a few trusty friends.

‘I saw a beautiful blue butterfly in a clear glass jar with a lid on it. It was flapping it’s wings and looking out of the jar but couldn’t fly properly until the lid was taken off so it could be released out of the jar.’

This is one interpretation we had…

In a time where there is a lot of restraint, restriction and this having rippling effect on our world view, surroundings…

the nature of fear can be delusive and create a sense of false evidence that appears real.

For those born of the spirit, there is freedom for the wonderfully wild likened to the butterfly, a beautiful winged creature, elusive.

The spirit of religion is not confined to just the church, it exists in us, in those around us and in the world.

If you Identity with the butterfly in the jar- don’t believe the lie or allow fear to subject you to conform with the spirit of religion. It is not the reality!

You are free to fly and whatever the lid, there is no lid. It is an illusion of what you or others might perceive!

I keep hearing he is lifting the lids off and the sound of popping! There is no lid

Each one of us is as free as we allow ourselves to live from the freedom we have inside that isn’t based on what our circumstances say!

Follow you heart where your own path takes you.. and trust the one who has already set you free is for you and with you.

I decree this for all parts of his bride, beautifully and wonderfully created…

Those born of the Spirit are like the wind - so said Jesus.

Where did she come from, where is she headed... but wow I felt that when she was here!!

Thank you

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